About Us

About Us

My name is Edna Slabaugh. I am a widow, and mother of 6 wonderful children- 2 sons and 4 daughters, ages 22 to 32. I have three delightful grandchildren, soon to be four! My daughter Rhoda works with me to care for the puppies, and Nathan helps whenever needed, but also raises puppies of his own. Elson and Deborah are doing mission work. Hannah and Naomi are married and are busy mothers, both living out of state.

Our family has always enjoyed having pets- some indoors and some out. Whether it was horses, goats, chickens, dogs, cats, birds, or even hamsters, they always found a way of becoming ‘family members’ and ‘friends’. 😉

Several years ago we were praying about a better means of providing an income. The bakery I had owned and operated for over a decade with the help of my children was becoming too much work with hardly enough income. My ’helpers’ were growing up and going their separate ways, and finally it was more than I could do to keep baking.

Family and friends gave suggestions and advice. When someone mentioned raising puppies, I felt rather incompetent with a limited knowledge in what that entailed. I was afraid my dogs would all die due to my inexperience! But brothers from church kindly offered to help us get started, and began asking advice from other breeders as to what would fit our family. In asking my nephew from IL for input, he had a ready answer! “Does Edna want dogs? I have the very dogs for her!” Javin had bought 3 Bernese Mountain dog females as puppies and had raised them for his own breeding program. But now he was realizing that he already had what he could handle without adding another breed. So he offered these to us at a ‘nephew deal’ and we soon had our first beautiful Berners to admire and love.

God has certainly blessed us with sweet-tempered, lovable, and very intelligent dogs! Those first 3 girls are nearing retirement, but it tugs at our hearts to think of ever parting with them! They have been wonderful mothers, with healthy, adorable puppies who are blessing many lives in more than 20 states and Canada.

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